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Kappa Delta 2017 DanceBlue Team A Project of DanceBlue - Golden Matrix Fund - Dance Teams

DanceBlue is a year long fundraising effort, culminating in a 24-hour no sitting, no sleeping dance marathon right in the heart of the University of Kentucky campus. All efforts support the DanceBlue Kentucky Children's Hospital Hematology/Oncology Clinic through the Golden Matrix Fund, as well as the Markey Cancer Center.

Last year, our team raised $25,780 all for DanceBlue! This year, the Kappa Delta 2017 DanceBlue team has a goal of raising $27,000 for the 2017 DanceBlue Marathon. Please help us reach our fundraising goal by making a gift to our team!

Through 11 years of DanceBlue, more than $9.8 million has been raised to support:

•The construction of a new hematology/oncology clinic at the Kentucky Children's Hospital that will expand the capacity of the clinic as well as provide a more convenient and comfortable experience for the families.

•The hiring of vital staff in the clinic such as a Child Life Specialist who provides encouragement and distraction to help the child emotionally handle their diagnosis and the treatments.

•A school intervention specialist has been brought on as an advocate for the patients within schools to ensure they do not fall behind in classes as a result of their treatments.

•Patient support programs such as the "Beads of Courage" program that each child receives after cancer treatments.

Please support the DanceBlue-Golden Matrix Fund by making a gift to the Kappa Delta 2017 Dance Blue Team today!

FTK (For The Kids!)

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

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    My favorite event at UK! Love in AOT, Vanessa - Class of 2009
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    Good luck ladies, it's a great cause Craig and Julia Pickard
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    Way to go Bailey D- Love Aunt Lynda and Uncle Vince
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    For Lauren Nickell! Dance your heart out FTK!!!
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