Help the Pre-Med Activities Council raise support For The Kids!

Pre-Med Activities Council 2017 DanceBlue Team A Project of DanceBlue - Golden Matrix Fund - Dance Teams

DanceBlue is a year long fundraising effort, culminating in a 24-hour no sitting, no sleeping dance marathon right in the heart of the University of Kentucky campus. All efforts support the DanceBlue Kentucky Children's Hospital Hematology/Oncology Clinic through the Golden Matrix Fund, as well as the Markey Cancer Center.

This year, the Pre-Med Activities Council has a goal of raising $10,000 for the 2017 DanceBlue Marathon. Please help us reach our fundraising goal by making a gift to our team.

Through 11 years of DanceBlue, more than $9.8 million has been raised to support:

  • The construction of a new hematology/oncology clinic at the Kentucky Children's Hospital that will expand the capacity of the clinic as well as provide a more convenient and comfortable experience for the families.
  • The hiring of vital staff in the clinic such as a Child Life Specialist who provides encouragement and distraction to help the child emotionally handle their diagnosis and the treatments.
  • A school intervention specialist has been brought on as an advocate for the patients within schools to ensure they do not fall behind in classes as a result of their treatments.
  • Patient support programs such as the "Beads of Courage" program that each child receives after cancer treatments.

Please support the DanceBlue-Golden Matrix Fund by making a gift to the Pre-Med Activities Council Team today!

We are no longer accepting donations on this campaign, but there are other ways for you to support us today!

Supported by 18 Donations:

  • Vonnie  M.
    I Gave $80
    Way to go Hayden!
  • Joanne F.
    I Gave $100
    Congratulations Hayden Pollard and the UK Pre-Med Activities Council. Great Job for a wonderful cause. Keep up the amazing work.
  • connie c.
    supporting Ellen Combs through the UK pre-med activities council.
  • Michelle P.
    I Gave $100
    I hope this year is the best DanceBlue ever!
  • JT  P.
    I Gave $500
    Love you Hayden!
  • Susan C.
    I Gave $175
  • Anne R.
    I Gave $145
  • Nancy J.
    I Gave $75
    What a great way to show support for your charity!
  • Susan C.
    I Gave $200
    S.& G. Colvin
  • Silhouette
    I Gave $35
  • Silhouette
    I Gave $50
  • Zachary O.
    I Gave $20
  • Anne R.
    I Gave $350
  • Douglas R.
    I Gave $100
  • Sheila R.
    I Gave $25